Great Apps for Your Smart Phone

If you are constantly on the go and enjoy having your smart phone on you at all times, chances are there are plenty of apps that you could download that will make your day more entertaining or even more productive. Here are some great app ideas that you should be using.


Did you know that you could read books on your smart phone? Use iBooks to download digital copies of your favorite books so you can have them with you wherever you go and read them without needing to carry the actual book with you. Can you imagine carrying 100 books around everywhere you go? Well you could easily fit 100 books on your smart phone. If you are a book lover then you should absolutely keep your books right in your pocket and have access to them anywhere you go.


Download the app for your insurance provider so you can constantly be up to date with your insurance policies, claims, and your Medicare supplement plans. Find the closest or best doctor that also happens to be in your network, when you’re away from home and have an emergency. Most major insurance providers have their own app these days and you can login in with your account information like you would on their website.


Music apps are always essential if you like to use your phone to listen to music. Apps will give you access to the radio over the internet or allow you to make your own radio stations with streaming music. Or you can download your favorite songs from the internet and store them right on your phone to listen to anytime you want, whether you have internet access or not.

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Map apps are also essential these days, particularly if you are in a big city. Even if you happen to know your way around, construction and road closures are always popping up unexpectedly. And if you are in a new place that you are unfamiliar with, having a map in your pocket at all times is a lifesaver. Don’t risk getting lost in a strange place or being late for an important meeting just because you were using your map app.


Of course, you always want to stay connected to friends, family, and associates, so be sure to have texting and email apps on your phone. If people need to get ahold of you or plans change, no need for a phone call, they can just send you a quick text.